Light Feet Running







Light Feet Running’s goal is to allow each runner to have a light, gentle stride, spreading the effort better over the entire body, to better recover, perform and have more fun running.

You will understand and learn to optimize your stride through a simple, original and user-friendly pedagogy.

The book’s tips published in 2014 have already been followed by several thousand runners in France and abroad, as well as by many coaches and educators.

We do not want you to copy the stride of others but to give you the keys of understanding to help you run whatever your performance, your age and your training.

Our method focuses on understanding the gesture and on good sensations.

In addition to our book, we regularly organize workshops-conferences in France and Europe. In half a day, thanks to video tools, they make runners aware of the essential bases of stride optimization: we invite you to consult the Workshops for upcoming conference dates and more information.

(WARNING: Light Feet Running is completely independent of any brand of sporting goods and any sports sign)