Light Feet Running

LFR coach certification

LFR Certification

With our many years of experience and our proven pedagogy, we offer coaches and health professionals a specific training of three days (20 hours). This training is intended exclusively for qualified coaches and motivated and passionate running health professionals who wish to help their clients and patients improve their stride, thanks to our method on all biomechanical parameters:

Example of result obtained on runners (Zoirun data):

At the end of the training, it will be possible for you to be certified LFR in order to provide the advice of our method to your athletes in your city or region. As an LFR certified coach, you will be able to organize LFR clinics in your city or region.

To know the program of the formation and the conditions of registration, please write to us:

The first certification session took place on December 20, 21 and 22, 2019. More sessions will take place in 2020 (dates will be announced soon).

Satisfaction survey of runners who participated in LFR clinics: did you enjoy learning to run ?

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