Light Feet Running

Top ranked by Amazon, the book “Courir léger – Light Feet Running ” has several purposes:

  • firstly, to help the runners who seek to get less injured;
  • second, to give easy-to-use tools to improve the running technique;
  • thirdly, to make the runnerss aware of the good practices which, for very simple biomechanical reasons, will optimize their stride.


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Running is a skill that every runners should learn to master to enhance their pleasure, their health, their longevity and their performance.

This technique, called Light Feet Running”(LFR), consists of a light, effective, less traumatic stride, making maximum use of the exceptional elastic and dynamic anatomical wonders of the human body.

In the book, you will find all the keys to run better whatever your level is and to discover the new sensations of this stride.

Foreword by Stéphane Palazzetti, coach and Doctor of Science, the book is available in bookshops and on online sales sites (Amazon, Fnac …).

By the author of the “Guide du Crawl Moderne” (Ed. Th. Souccar) ranked #1 in France since its release in 2013 on Amazon (Swimming books category).





Vous pouvez consulter la chaîne Youtube du livre pour visionner des exemples vidéos en support au livre :