Light Feet Running - Courir Léger

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The biomechanics of the vast majority of recreational runners are very similar to the biomechanics of walking.

Unfortunately, the consequences of their lack of running technique are often the limitations of the runner’s performance, an increasing risk of injury (it is estimated that around 50% of the runners got injured every year) and less joy of running.

Light Feet Running (or « LFR ») is a unique method which precisely provides the runners with the necessary tools to implement proper and efficient running biomechanics to increase the pleasure of running, to reduce the risk of injury and to increase performance.

The LFR method has already been applied successfully by several thousands of runners in France, Switzerland and Belgium and by numerous podiatrists and physiotherapists .The book has already been translated in German. In addition to the book, running clinics are organized to allow, in a half-day format to put in place all the basics of this running method: for more information, clikc on the « conference-atelier » link on the right corner of this page.